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Staff Testimonials

It is an honor working with a reputable and credible organization as the ECCB. There is a sense of togetherness and belonging and a culture of excellence. The staff interactions are pleasant and it is wonderful to experience people from different cultures in one place. I particularly enjoy the fun activities such as sports, the friendly competition and teamwork displayed are commendable. I remain committed to the Bank and making a meaningful contribution to the advancement of the ECCU.

Sharvon Grant, Support Services Management Department

Working at the ECCB has been an extremely rewarding experience as I have had the pleasure to serve with persons from different cultures, with various skills, talents and qualifications. I have benefited professionally and personally from the rich and diverse opportunities that the Bank offers in light of its public service role, the complexity of the organisation and the opportunities to network regionally and internationally. However, it is  the satisfaction of knowing that I am contributing to improving the daily lives of the people of the Region, My People, that has been most impactful for me.

Raquel Leonce, Banking and Monetary Operations Department

I am pleased for the opportunity to work with many talented and passionate professionals in an organization that is forward-thinking, supportive and believes in service excellence. It is also a great deal to be part of an organization whose core values are aligned with mines. There is so much to learn and many opportunities for growth. Most importantly, I am happy that I can add value and play my part towards the ECCB achieving its goals aimed at a thriving Eastern Caribbean Currency Union and advancing the lives and prosperity of my people - the people of the ECCU.

Antonia Aaron, Office of Corporate Strategy and Risk Management

There are many things that I have come to love and appreciate about my time at ECCB. The diversity of my colleagues with their wide range of cultural backgrounds is uppermost on the list of things I enjoy about my job. The opportunity to interact with my colleagues in other departments as well as with staff from across the eight member countries, as we attend workshops, seminars, or serve of various committees, has really enriched my work experience. Another highlight of working at the ECCB is the interaction with staff outside of the work environment in sporting and social activities. In a world where employers focus mainly on service and output, I am proud to be a part of an institution which puts the health and wellbeing of its staff amongst its main priority. I am honored to be part of the ECCB family for over 25 years and look forward to playing my part in advancing the good of the people of the ECCU.

Lydia Blanchette, Support Services Management Department

“I have been at the ECCB for just about 3 years and my experience have been very positive. I like the strategic direction of the Bank, its focus on innovation in serving the region and its very inclusive approach. The Bank has been proactive in ensuring that it looks like the people it serves and promotes diversity through the institution. It places high importance on its human capital, encouraging and valuing contributions from everyone. There has been a deliberate drive to make the Bank the best place to work, develop and have a fulfilling career.”

Shawn Shillingford, Internal Audit Department

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