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Management Team

Governor's Office (GIO) - Office of Chief Director (Policy)
  • Shawn Williams Senior Policy Specialist
  • Allison Crossman Policy Specialist
  • Patricia Welsh C. Dir Policy Specialist
Governor’s Office (GIO) – Advisory Services
  • Dr Emefa Sewordor Head
Office of Corporate Strategy and Risk Management (OCSRM)
  • Kechewia Charles Director/Chief Risk Officer (Acting)
Accounting Department (AD)
  • Senator Samuel C. Dir, ACCA Director
  • Nazinga Modeste Deputy Director
Corporate Relations Department (CRD)
  • Shermalon Kirby Director
  • Beverley Edwards-Gumbs Deputy Director
Human Resources Department (HRD)
  • Merva Mallalieu Acting Director
  • Gwendy Francois Acting Deputy Director
Internal Audit Department (IAD)
  • Yvonne Jean-Smith C. Dir, ACC Director
  • Alamina Trotman Deputy Director
Currency Management Department (CMD)
  • Rosbert Humphrey Director
  • Shanna Herbert Deputy Director
Legal Services Department (LSD)
  • Merlese O’Loughlin C. Dir Director
  • Maria Barthelmy Senior Legal Specialist
Banking and Monetary Operations Department (BMOD)
  • Raquel Leonce C. Dir Director
  • Lynette Griffin Deputy Director
  • Niall Pistana Deputy Director
Governor’s Office (GIO) – Projects and Technical Assistance
  • Karen Williams C. Dir Senior Project Specialist (Head)
  • Kennedy Bryon Senior Project Specialist
  • Sybil Welsh Senior Project Specialist
Management Information Systems Department (MISD)
  • Cindy Parris-Gilbert C. Dir Director
  • Lyle Mark Deputy Director
  • Aldrin Phipps Information Systems Specialist
Support Services Management Department (SSMD)
  • Norman Sabaroche Acting Director
  • Danny Caine Chief of Security
  • Adaeze Matthew-Hanley Deputy Director
Financial Sector Supervision Department (FSSD)
  • Schwabach Caines Acting Director
  • Humphrey Magloire Senior Bank Supervision Specialist
  • Laurel Seraphin-Bedford Deputy Director
  • Gillian Skerritt Deputy Director
  • Liane Irish-Wade Deputy Director
  • Livia Bertin-Mark Deputy Director
Research, Statistics and Data Analytics Department (RSDAD)
  • C. Teresa Smith C. Dir Director
  • Seana Benjamin-Mack Deputy Director
  • Juletta Edinborough Fiscal and Debt Specialist
  • Leah Sahely Data Specialist
  • Shernnel Thompson Deputy Director
  • Allister Hodge Deputy Director
  • Martina Regis Deputy Director
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