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ECCB 40th Anniversary Lecture Series - Anguilla

Anguilla Edition of the ECCB’s 40th Anniversary Lecture Series: Food Security and the Blue-Green Economy

The ECCB’s 40th Anniversary Lecture Series kicks off with the Anguilla Edition at 6:00p.m. on 28 February in La Vue Boutique Inn Conference Room. The lecture, titled Food Security and the Blue-Green Economy, will bring  together distinguished subject matter experts and practitioners. The expert panel will discuss strategies and opportunities to enhance food security in the context of the blue-green economy. The esteemed panelists are Kafi Gumbs, a UVI and UWI graduate who is the Director of the Fisheries and Marine Resources Unit; Trenton Roach, a Guyana School of Agriculture and University of Guyana graduate who is a Horticulturist in the Department of Natural Resources, and Carencia Rouse, a Carleton University and Oxford graduate, who is the Director of Environment within the Department of Natural Resources. Moderating the night’s lecture will be Keith ‘Stone’ Greaves,
Host of Talk Anguilla Rebranded Part 2 and Programme Manager of Radio Anguilla.

A blue-green economy promotes the sustainable use of marine and terrestrial resources in a manner that aligns economic growth with improved livelihoods, social equity and environmental conservation. It identifies key sectors including fishing, agriculture, forestry, transport, tourism and maritime affairs and places emphasis on approaches that reduce carbon emissions, reduce pollution and prevent the loss of biodiversity and habitats. The race is therefore on to reduce the wastage of fish, minimise coastal pollution and support local fishers, to help make blue food production more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The lecture is for everyone – from consumers to farmers and fishers; from students to teachers, and anyone who cares about creating a sustainable future and solutions for food security.


Ms. Kafi Gumbs, Director, Fisheries and Marine Resources Unit
Ms. Kafi Gumbs began her environmental career as a high school intern, working with the Agriculture and Fisheries Departments in the late 1990s. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Marine Biology from the University of the Virgin Islands, and a Master’s of Science in Natural Resources Management-Environment, with a concentration in Coastal Resources Management, from the University of the West Indies’ Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies, Cave Hill Campus.

Some of her certifications include formal training and certification in Aquaponics from the University of the Virgin Islands; Ocean Governance: Policy, Law and Management from the University of Dalhousie, Halifax, Canada, and Climate Change Adaptation for Small Island Developing States from the University of Geneva. Kafi is also a certified PADI scuba diver. She has written and collaborated on over 10 scientific articles and many research-oriented project proposals.

Kafi currently holds the post of Director of the Fisheries and Marine Resources Unit. This role requires her to balance livelihoods and sustainable development of the marine environment.

Kafi’s leisure-time activities are centred on her two vivacious sons. She is also zealous about preserving Anguilla’s cultural heritage, and plays a major role in Anguilla’s annual Summer Festival and other community events and organizations.

Ms. Carencia Rouse, MSc. (Oxon), Director of Environment, Department of Natural Resources

Ms. Carencia Rouse, MSc. (Oxon) is a professional in the field of Geography and Environmental Governance who believes that the gateway to a thriving nation is sustainable use and management of natural resources. Having been named Island Scholar in 2011, Ms. Rouse attended Carleton University where she read for a degree in Environmental Studies and a Minor in Women’s and Gender Studies and received Honours. In 2015, she returned to Anguilla and worked at the Department of Environment as the Coordinator of Conservation Education, submitting to her passion for the natural environment through the practice of conservation and public education.

In 2016, Ms. Rouse was awarded a Chevening Scholarship, which afforded her the opportunity to read for a Master of Science in Nature, Society and Environmental Governance at the University of Oxford. With seven years of environmental management experience, Ms. Rouse now serves as the Director of Environment within the Department of Natural Resources. Her work focuses on the development, implementation and monitoring of environmental legislation, policies, strategies and plans, with a view towards the improvement and maintenance of healthy and resilient natural ecosystems.

Mr. Trenton Roach, Horticulturist, Department of Natural Resources
Trenton Roach was born in Georgetown, Guyana to parents Juene and Trenton Roach Snr. During his early childhood, he was exposed to Agriculture, both plants and animals. This is when he discovered his enthusiasm and affection for flora and fauna. Trenton graduated from Richard Ishmael Secondary School in 1991. He then decided to pursue his passion at a higher level, attending the Guyana School of Agriculture and completing a Diploma in Agricultural Science between the years 1993 – 1995. Hungry and thirsty for expanded knowledge in this subject area, Trenton attended the University of Guyana and completed a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Agriculture Crops Bias, 1996 – 2000. After completing his studies at the University of Guyana, Trenton relocated to Anguilla to join his mother who worked as a nurse at the Princess Alexandra Hospital. Trenton worked with Ruan’s Landscaping from 2000 – 2006, after which he joined the Anguilla Public Service in May 2006. Trenton currently works at the Department of Natural Resources in Anguilla as a Horticulturist.


  • Some of his training over the years include:
  • Principles of Plant Quarantine Procedures conducted with the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus.
  • Identification of Lepidoptera of economic importance
  • Identification of Thysanoptera of economic importance
  • Identification of fruit fly of economic importance
  • All were conducted with USDA/APHIS.
  • Insects, virus and fungi identification
  • Conducted with FERA United Kingdom, September 15 – 20, 2019.

Trenton loves the challenge of transferring knowledge and information to farmers and backyard producers, while enabling them to increase their productive capacity in a sustainable manner. During his downtime, he loves reading the news on Flipboard and staying current with world news and global affairs. He is also a fan of Formula 1 Racing and enjoys attending a few races whenever possible.


Mr. Keith ‘Stone’ Greaves, Programme Manager, Radio Anguilla

Keith ‘Stone’ Greaves, a native of Montserrat (the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean), started his broadcasting and journalistic career in 1978/79 with the now defunct Caribbean broadcasting giant Radio Antilles (200,000 watt AM facility) on Montserrat. He has worked in media all his adult life. Keith held several top positions including General Manager and News Director at Radio Antilles in the mid -1990s until the Soufriere Hills volcano forced the closure of the station. He also served as a Senior Producer/Presenter with the BBC Caribbean Service in London and presently serves as Programme Manager (Radio Anguilla) Department of Information and Broadcasting.

Keith is the recipient of several media awards including the prestigious Best Presenter Award from the Caribbean Publishing and Broadcasting Association (CPBA)/Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU). Has also written extensively for the Associated Press (AP), the Caribbean News Agency (CANA –now the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) and the Spanish News Agency (EFE). Previously served as news correspondent for the BBC, Voice of America (VOA) and many Caribbean radio stations. Firm supporter of Caribbean Integration. He will proudly tell you he is a “Caribbean Man and a World Citizen” who just happened to have been born on “ALLIOUGANA” (Tainos name for Montserrat) ‘land of the prickly bush’.

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ECCB Celebrates 40th Anniversary