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Rental Terms and Procedures

Terms and Procedures


All requests for use of the Auditorium should be submitted in writing no less than six (6) weeks prior to the date of the event. The letter of request should state the date and nature of the event and should be accompanied by a completed Application Form.   The letter of request and application form should be submitted to:

Corporate Relations Department
Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
P O Box 89
Bird Rock
Saint Christopher (St Kitts) and Nevis

Clients will receive a response to their request for use of the auditorium no later than five (5) working days after the ECCB receives the letter of request and application form.


Letters of Request and Application Forms which are not received within the stipulated timeframe will not be processed.

Clients are required to read the Terms and Procedures for Reservation and Use of the Auditorium before submitting their Application Form.


Cautionary Deposit

A cautionary deposit by certified cheque or cash for the amount of EC$1,500 is payable to the ECCB no later than one (1) month prior to the event. Provided that no damage is incurred, the Auditorium is left in an acceptable state, and there are no additional fees incurred (i.e. as a result of additional time used for rehearsals and/or the event) the cautionary deposit will be refunded in full no later than fifteen (15) working days after the event.  The cost for additional time used will be deducted from cautionary deposit.

Fees for Use of Auditorium

The total cost for use of the Auditorium shall be paid to the ECCB no later than three (3) weeks prior to the event. 

Deep Cleaning Fee

A non-refundable fee of EC$1,800 will be charged for deep cleaning of the facilities following an event. 

Fee Concessions

The ECCB will only approve the waiver of usage fees or consider the application of any concessionary benefits to fees for events and meetings that are under the direct coordination and control of an ECCB member Government.

The ECCB will not approve concessions or concessionary benefits for applications from groups and other private entities that have been channeled through the ECCB member Governments’ respective Ministries, but are not directly coordinated or organised by that Ministry.

Principal Condition of Use

Persons who have been granted approval to use the Auditorium will be required to sign and submit a Principal Condition of Use no later than three (3) weeks before the date of the event.

Principal Condition of Use


The ECCB reserves the right to cancel any reservation.  To minimise inconvenience, every effort will be made to notify clients as soon as possible.  In such a case any fees paid by the client will be refunded in full.


The ECCB will provide security for the Auditorium only, and will not be responsible for safeguarding box office receipts or the personal property of the client, agents or independent contractors.  The client may contract security services acceptable to the ECCB to safeguard such receipts or property.

The Client and all other users of the Auditorium are required to abide by the Security Guidelines set by the ECCB.


The Auditorium shall be advertised as: 

Sir Cecil Jacobs Auditorium 
Eastern Caribbean Central Bank Headquarters

No advertisement should be made prior to or without confirmation or approval of the use of the Auditorium.

No function should be advertised as being under the auspices of the ECCB.


Personnel designated by the ECCB shall operate all ECCB equipment.

The ECCB’s technical staff must approve all equipment provided by the client which will require connections to ECCB equipment no later than forty-eight (48) hours prior to its use.

All equipment associated with a live broadcast should be specified in writing at the time the application is made to facilitate the examination by the ECCB’s technical staff to determine compatibility with the Bank’s systems.  Compatibility assessment will be conducted at least 24 hours in advance of the event.


There shall be no televising, broadcasting, visual and/or sound recording, video taping or other mechanical or electronic reproduction in whole or in part, of any production at the Auditorium without prior approval of the ECCB.  No televising, photographing and videotaping will be permitted outside the Auditorium.

The names of those persons who will be involved in any televising or recording of any function must be provided to the ECCB no later than forty-eight (48) hours prior to the event.

The ECCB reserves the right to record for archival purposes any production, meeting, event, rehearsal or performance.



Firearms or items resembling firearms, or items that produce sounds associated with the discharge of ammunition are not permitted on the ECCB's compound. The ECCB reserves the right to use any type of security equipment or procedure deemed necessary to ensure compliance with security standards at its facilities.

Illegal Drugs

Persons permitted on the ECCB’s premises are prohibited from being in possession of illegal drugs and paraphernalia.

Food and Drink

Food and drink are not allowed inside the Auditorium but will be accommodated in the lobby and the patio spaces immediately outside the Auditorium.  Chewing gum inside the Auditorium is strictly forbidden.


Smoking is not permitted inside the Auditorium or on the ECCB’s premises.


It shall be the responsibility of the client to ensure that the Auditorium and its facilities are left clean and sanitary after use. This includes the Servery, Offices and Lobby.


  • The client’s equipment must be placed in such a position so that they do not obstruct fire or safety equipment.
  • No adjustments must be made to the auditorium equipment without the consent of the ECCB.
  • Unless authorised, items should not be hung from either the stage light or curtain supports. The ECCB’s Technician will determine the weight of any object to be hung to these supports.
  • Nothing must be nailed, taped, glued, drilled, pinned or attached to walls without permission of the ECCB.
  • Only fireproof items will be allowed in the Auditorium. No open flames including: lanterns and candles will be permitted on the ECCB’s premises. Battery operated lighting devices can be used.
  • Unusual electric connections or any unusual staging effects, such as pyrotechnics, water and water effects are not permitted in the Auditorium.
  • The client must clear the stage of all equipment and props immediately after the final performance. Any exception must be approved in advance by the assigned ECCB staff.


Vehicles used for transporting crew, performers or props should be parked in the spaces provided.

"No Parking" and other marked spaces defined by the ECCB should not be used. Traffic signs and directions should be adhered to.

Equipment and supplies for an event must be transported to the ECCB during normal working hours (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.). All items are subject to inspection at the main entrance by the ECCB's Security personnel.

ECCB’s Security Personnel Identification cards will be issued to members of the production team and persons delivering props and must be worn at all times while on the ECCB’s premises.


All persons using the Auditorium and its facilities are expected to respect the physical property and abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Auditorium authorities.


The ECCB reserves the right to cancel any performance or event for non-observance of the Terms and Procedures for Reservation of Use of the Sir Cecil Jacobs Auditorium.

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