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Pandemic and Climate Resilience

On the next episode of ECCB DIGITAL DIALOGUES, the featured topic will be “Pandemic and Climate Resilience”.

As countries craft their strategies for recovery from the economic crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, attention is being given to ensuring a sustainable and green recovery.  A green recovery plan would create new employment and business opportunities to absorb the losses from industries that have been decimated by the pandemic. .      

Join Governor, ECCB Timothy N.J. Antoine as he moderates the session on building climate resilience as part of the broader strategy for improving the region’s prospects. The Governor will be joined by a distinguished panel of experts: Managing Director of SOLORICON Ltd., Dr James Fletcher;  Practice Manager - Energy and Extractives, The World Bank Group, Ms Stephanie Gil; and Principal at the Rocky Mountain Institute, Mr David Gumbs.

The panel will discuss the urgent imperative of building climate resilience as a critical pillar for ensuring the recovery, resilience and transformation of the region. In particular, the panel will explore the opportunities and challenges in developing the renewable energy sector of the ECCU.

We encourage you to vote during the polling segment of the Dialogue. Your input is important to us.

Be part of the conversation as we take collective action to transform our region, now!

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