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The 6th Annual Growth and Resilience Dialogue with Social Partners and the wider OECS/ECCU will be held virtually on Wednesday, 6 April and Thursday, 7 April 2022 under the theme Climate Resilience: Securing the Future of Small Island Developing States

The 2022 Dialogue will consist of three (3) Panel Discussions on Day 1 and Presentations by four (4) Finalists in the Climate Resilience Data Challenge on Day 2.


The magnitude of the environmental and economic risks associated with climate change will continue to significantly impact the economic, financial and social landscapes of the
OECS/ECCU region; undermining development objectives as well as impeding the ability to achieve sustainable development.

The economies in the Caribbean region are predominantly powered by highly climate-sensitive economic sectors including tourism, agriculture The Caribbean region is therefore among the most vulnerable regions to the attendant economic, health and social disruptions.  The OECS/ECCU region must therefore innovate and strategically mobilise resources towards climate resilience to protect lives, livelihoods and economies.

Panel Discussions

The panel discussions will engage decision makers, technocrats and thought leaders in insightful discussions on climate resilience themes.

  1. Accelerating the transition to renewable energy to drive Climate Change Resilience and Mitigation.
  2. Climate Resilience and Health & Nutrition
  3. Global Climate Change and Tourism – The Way Forward for Mitigation and Resilience

The Challenge

The GRD 2022 Climate Resilience Data Challenge involves but is not limited to the development of AI application prototypes from participating data scientists that can contribute to deeper insights on key climate data issues that can lead to improved policy formulation, decision making
and advance initiatives on climate resilience in the OECS/ECCU region.

GRD 2022 Climate Resilience Data Challenge, herein referred to as ‘The Challenge’, starts with the identification of pressing climate change problems.

The Challenge is organised around seven major data sets, which align with the OECS/ECCB region’s climate resilience and development priorities:
  1. Rise in heat temperatures
  2. Intensity and frequency of hurricanes/ floods
  3. Reduced precipitation/low rainfall
  4. Coastal degradation
  5. Coastal flooding, sea level rise
  6. Deforestation
  7. Soil erosion


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