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Commonwealth Of Dominica

Commonwealth of Dominica

Country Manager

Sherma John

Administrative Professional

Tracey Josephs

ECCB Agency Office
P O Box 23
2nd Floor Financial Centre
Commonwealth of Dominica

290 sq miles = 750.6 sq Km


The Commonwealth of Dominica has two airports, Melville Hall and Canefield, neither of which can accommodate international flights.

The Eastern Caribbean Dollar is the legal tender and maintains an exchange rate of EC$2.70 =US$l.00.

  • New Year's Day
  • Carnival Monday
  • Carnival Tuesday
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • Labour Day
  • Whit Monday
  • August Bank Holiday
  • Independence Day -November 3
  • Community Day of Service -November 4
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day

The Sisserou Parrot (Amazona Imperiallis), "The Pride of Dominica" is recognised as the national bird of Dominica. The Sisserou Parrot is protected and it is probably among the oldest species of Amazon parrots in the world. It is found only in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Christopher Columbus landed in the Commonwealth of Dominica in 1493. Under a French-British treaty signed in 1660, the Commonwealth of Dominica was made a possession of the Carib Indian inhabitants which explains its rich cultural heritage, as well as its strong Carib lineage. The Island changed hands several times between the French and the British, in the wars of the mid 1700s before the Commonwealth of Dominica became a British possession in 1805. These occurrences explain the fact that Dominicans converse comfortably in French Creole as well as English. The Commonwealth of Dominica is commonly known as the 'Land of Many Rivers' and is said to have 365 rivers to represent each day of the year. Among the many attractive sites are Old Mill Cultural Centre, Fort Shirley, Boiling Lake, Trafalgar Falls, Sulphur Springs, Indian River and the Rain Forest.


The Commonwealth of Dominica is the most northerly and the largest of the Windward Islands and is situated 15°10'latitude and 61°30'longitude.

The Commonwealth of Dominica is a republic with an executive branch composed of a President and a Prime

Minister. In the unicameral legislature, the House of Assembly, there are 30 members of which 21 are elected members.

  • Republic Bank (EC) Ltd
  • National Commercial Bank of Dominica
  • Carnival - commencing one week before Ash Wednesday
  • Labour Day Rally
  • La St Pierre
  • Annual Flower Show – May
  • Domfesta – July/August
  • World Creole Music Festival – end of
  • Independence Celebrations – end of October
  • Journee Kweyol - last Friday before Independence
  • Market Day - last Saturday before Independence

The National Flower of the Commonwealth of Dominica is a wild xerophitic plant known botanically as the Sabinea Carinalis, commonly known as the Carib Wood or Bois Caraibe. When in bloom it displays scarlet flowers along the entire length of its branches, and is found growing along dry coastal areas.

The Commonwealth of Dominica's main economic activity is agriculture with bananas as its main crop. The island's tourism industry is the second largest area of economic activity, followed by soap export.

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank's Agency Office began its operations on November 1, 1989.

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