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Security Features of Bank Notes

The EC banknotes are in denominations of $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100. From time to time the ECCB upgrades the security features of the notes, in an effort to guard against counterfeiting. The last upgrade of EC notes with the exception of the $5, was on April 8 2015.  

The EC Banknotes no longer bear the barcodes or country codes which previously formed part of the serial number on the notes. Additionally, the fish in the areas where the barcodes were, are made more prominent by intaglio ink and the serial number on all notes now have two alpha characters instead of one as on previous issues of the EC notes. All other existing security features remain unchanged.

Existing Security Features

Security Thread

The security thread has been updated on all banknotes, with the exception of the $5.00 banknote. This enhancement is an upgrade from the 2mm Facet Cleartext security thread in the current banknotes to a 3mm machine readable StarChrome thread. Given the 3mm StarChrome security thread in the new notes has in-built machine readability, the second embedded 0.75mm MRT will no longer be necessary in the banknotes, and has therefore been removed.

The security thread upgrade will have no impact on cash machines such as ATMs, counting and vending machines.

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