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8th GRD 2024 - Creative Disruption and Innovation Contest

GRD (Growth and Resilience Dialogue) 2024 desires to recognise and celebrate young adults, ages 18-40, who are worthy of the distinction of being called a creative disruptor and innovator.  The objective is to reward creative disruptors and innovators whose ideas and works have disrupted or have the potential to disrupt the status quo for the betterment of their communities. 

Individuals, 18-40 years, are invited to submit their story (maximum 650 words) plus a short video of two minutes or less done via their mobile phone (video recording guidelinesdetailing how their endeavor(s), work or business ideas create/can potentially create breakthroughs that advance/could advance social or economic progress by providing solutions to some of their communities’/countries’ problems, for the chance to win the grand prize of US$8,000.00 or two consolation prizes of US$4,000.00 and US$3,000.00 respectively.  Additional prizes include scholarships to an innovation conference in 2024.  Domains can range from technology, culture, education, community work, creative arts, healthcare, spirituality, religion, business, finance and sports. 

To enter, kindly complete the online Application Form; and submit your entry i.e. short story of no more than 650 words and the video of no more than 2 minutes) Click here to upload files. Passcode to upload - GRD_CDIC2024

The deadline for all entries is 27th February 2024

All Entrants agree to be bound by, and all Entries are subject to the Contest Terms and Conditions

Contest Terms and Conditions 

These Terms and Conditions should be read carefully prior to submitting an Entry. Any queries should be directed to GRD@eccb-centralbank.org prior to an Entry being submitted.  Submission of an Entry will be deemed an acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

The GRD 2024 Organising Committee may refuse to accept an Entry if the procedures or these Terms and Conditions have not been adhered to, or if it detects any irregularities or fraudulent practices.

By making submissions to the ECCB/OECS Creative Disruptors and Innovators Contest (The Contest), Entrants represent that they are:

  1. the owners of their submission; and 
  2. between eighteen (18) and forty (40) years of age. 

Entrants represent and warrant that their submission and participation in The Contest (including publication and implementation of their submission) shall not, without limitation: 

  1. violate any applicable laws or regulations, including privacy laws, as well as the highest standards of moral and ethical conduct;
  2. constitute an infringement, misappropriation or violation of the intellectual property rights or other rights; 
  3. be false, misleading, or inaccurate; or 
  4. be junk mail or spam.

Entry Period

  1. All Entries must be submitted via the identified online channels prior to the close of the Entry Period.  The entry period expires on 27 February 2024.
  2. The GRD 2024 Organising Committee reserves all rights to shorten, amend or extend the Entry Period at their exclusive discretion. Any such amendment to the Entry Period shall be published via notice on the ECCB’s website and social media pages.

Confidentiality, Personal Data, Voluntary & Pro Bono Nature of Submission 

  1. Entrants understand and agree that submissions to The Contest (including contribution of any personal data and proprietary information) is entirely voluntary and gratuitous and that no compensation is due to any Entrant, their authorised agent or representative or any other person for any unintentional or intentional use of submissions.
  2. Entrants understand and agree that any personal data, such as registration information, about the Entrant which is provided at the time of completion of the application form as well as submission of their entry, shall be treated as publicly available (i.e., non-confidential) information. 
  3. Entrants shall not submit any personal data other than that required for completion and verification of the Application Form. 
  4. The GRD 2024 Organising Committee will use the information submitted to The Contest only for the purposes of The Contest.
  5. Entrant hereby agrees that, and provides his/her consent for, the ECCB or its authorized agents to use and/or disseminate the Entrant’s entries, as well as images, photographs, name, country of residence/birth, organization name and logo, derived from documentation submitted by the Entrant, for the sole limited purposes of promoting and marketing The Contest in any media now known or hereinafter invented, inclusive of broadcast, digital or print media.

Ownership and Intellectual Property Rights. 

  1. The Entrants as authors and/or owners of their submissions shall retain all rights to their submissions to The Contest.  
  2. Entrants represent that they are the owners of their submissions. In instances where the Entrants have used a third party’s concept or product, the Entrants shall attribute the work to, or credit it in the manner required by, the attributed work’s author or licensor and furnish any license or authority to use that party’s work.
  3. Entrants grant to the ECCB and its’ authorized agents as well as any other organisers of The Contest and their authorized agents, a world-wide, perpetual, non-exclusive and irrevocable license, including the license to disseminate, reproduce and publish such submissions, in whole or in part. 
  4. In circumstances where an Entrant assigns, transfers or otherwise changes their intellectual property rights in and to the submission, including by assigning or transferring such rights to third parties at any time after submission, the Entrant must: 

1. notify ECCB in writing of the disposition of such rights to the submission; and 

2. notify the third party to whom the intellectual property rights are being assigned or otherwise transferred that the    intellectual property rights to the submission are encumbered by the license in (c) above.

Limitation of Liability and Indemnity.

  1. ECCB and its officials, agents, and employees accept no responsibility for entries not received for whatever reason.
  2. Entrants are responsible for their actions, including the content of their submissions, and outcomes where applicable.
  3. Upon the Entrants’ participation in The Contest, Entrants hereby irrevocably release and forever discharge the ECCB and its officials, agents, and employees, from and against all suits, proceedings, claims, and demands, which Entrants now have or hereafter may have against the ECCB and/or its subsidiary organs. 
  4. ECCB shall under no circumstance be liable to any Entrants for any loss, direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damage, liability or expense incurred or suffered that is claimed to have resulted from or in connection with the Contest, including without limitation to how ECCB, Entrants or their respective successors and assigns, or a third party directly or indirectly uses submissions and/or outcomes.

Use of the Names, Emblems and Logos and Acknowledgement.

  1. Entrants may not use the name, logo, acronym, emblem, or official seal of the ECCB and other organisers of The Contest, provided by the ECCB and other Contest organisers.
  2. ECCB may acknowledge and publish, at its sole discretion, the names of Entrants, strictly for the purposes of and in connection with Entrants’ participation in The Contest.

Entrant’s Consent to Research & Judging Process

  1. The Entrant hereby consents and has no objection to the ECCB and other Contest organisers  conducting detailed research on the Entrant including a reference check and document verification. 
  2. The ECCB and other Contest organisers shall keep confidential all documentation and information received and discovered by it during research (‘Research Information’) and shall disclose the Research Information solely to the Judging Panel for assessment.

 Assessment by Judging Panel

  1. The Judging Panel shall assess the Entrant based on the Research Information provided by the Contest organisers and the required information and supporting documentation provided by the Entrant.
  2. The Judging Panel shall, based on objective criteria and in an impartial manner, shortlist from the submissions- 10 (ten) submissions for the Finale Event and shall, in like manner, select the winners of the Finale Event who will be awarded the grand prize as well as the two consolation and additional prizes.
  3.  The decision of the Judging Panel is final and binding on all Entrants and the Entrant hereby provides his/her consent to the same. The Judging Panel reserves the right to respond to any queries from the Entrants on the judging process and the criteria considered and the reasons for the judgment.
  4. All the foregoing provisions shall survive the conclusion of The Contest.

Guidelines for submission of Video Story

  1. Video should be recorded in Horizontal mode (16:9), not vertical
    Horizontal is accepted in all social spheres and it will simplify the editing process.
  2. Use a tripod or a selfie stick
    Ensure that your device is stable and not shaking.  Shaky video is a turn off for viewers.
  3. Use a microphone or move to a quiet room
    If the sound is bad, viewers will not just struggle to listen they will also struggle to watch.
  4. Use proper lighting. No light? No video!
    Video is photography in motion and photography is light. For a smartphone, light is information. If you do not have lights move to a location with proper lighting.
  5. Less zoom – Better frame (Digital zoom reduces the quality of your video)
    A digital zoom enlarges the image but significantly reduces its quality. Set your frame with standard zoom and then record.
  6. Choose your locations wisely
    Do not record in places that can affect your video
    Such places include in front of a window, white background, shiny curtains, a noisy street or a windy beach or other location.
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