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ECCB’s 40th Anniversary Lecture Series kicks off in Anguilla on 28 February

The ECCB’s 40th Anniversary Lecture Series kicks off with the Anguilla Edition at 6:00p.m. on 28 February in La Vue Boutique Inn Conference Room.

The lecture, titled Food Security and the Blue-Green Economy, will bring together distinguished subject matter experts and practitioners. The expert panel will discuss strategies and opportunities to enhance food security in the context of the blue-green economy.

The esteemed panelists are Kafi Gumbs, a UVI and UWI graduate who is the Director of the Fisheries and Marine Resources Unit; Trenton Roach, a Guyana School of Agriculture and University of Guyana graduate who is a Horticulturist in the Department of Natural Resources, and Carencia Rouse, a Carleton University and Oxford graduate, who is the Director of Environment within the Department of Natural Resources.

Moderating the night’s lecture will be Keith ‘Stone’ Greaves, Host of Talk Anguilla Rebranded Part 2 and Programme Manager of Radio Anguilla.

A blue-green economy promotes the sustainable use of marine and terrestrial resources in a manner that aligns economic growth with improved livelihoods, social equity and environmental conservation.

It identifies key sectors including fishing, agriculture, forestry, transport, tourism and maritime affairs and places emphasis on approaches that reduce carbon emissions, reduce pollution and prevent the loss of biodiversity and habitats.

The race is therefore on to reduce the wastage of fish, minimise coastal pollution and support local fishers, to help make blue food production more sustainable and environmentally friendly.  

The lecture is for everyone – from consumers to farmers and fishers; from students to teachers, and anyone who cares about creating a sustainable future and solutions for food security.

Non-residents of Anguilla can watch the live stream via the ECCB Connects Facebook Page or YouTube Channel from 6:00p.m. on Tuesday, 28 February.

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