Do I need internet access to use DCash?

Yes. You need a smart device, with Internet access, to use the full capabilities of the wallet. The DCash application transmits all transaction details to the DCash network and facilitates settlement via the Internet.


Will I be able to process DCash payments during prolonged electricity outages?

To the extent that the prolonged electrical outages does not cause you to lose Internet connectivity and restrict communication to the transaction network, and the smart device is powered, DCash payments can be processed.


What kind of technology do I need to use DCash?

Merchants and users need an iOS or Android smart device with a camera that is capable of downloading the free user wallet application.


How many nodes will be in the model and where will they be located?

The number of nodes deployed will be scalable, taking into consideration various factors including; the needs to have a functional blockchain implementation, the number of participating financial institutions, and desired transactions rate to be supported.  Resiliency will be provided through the use of data centers in separate geographical zones.


Is the application only available on smart device (phone or tablet)?

For the time being, yes. Our data suggests that smart phone penetration is high. However, a web application is planned for a future commercial deployment.


Does DCash use any cloud services?

Yes. Google Cloud is the current service provider. With the exception of the minting system, all system services are hosted in Google Cloud. Connections between different system layers is secure (SSL/HTTPS) and permissioned (IP Address restrictions, username/ passwords, and JWT tokens).


How do financial institutions connect to the ECCB DCash network?

External applications connect over the Internet to secured APIs on the DCash network. The DCash network is completely segmented from the rest of the ECCB network.


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