Series 2 – 1993

The $50 note was introduced in the second series which was issued in October 1993 to mark the Bank’s 10th anniversary. The $1 note was not part of the collection as the Bank had ceased to issue it in 1989. A $1 coin replaced that note.

50 EC Dollar Bill

The front of the note was redesigned to feature the new ECCB headquarters, and wildlife, cultural icons or national landmarks of each island on the reverse.


The see-through element of the larger fish at the bottom left hand corner of the front of the notes was realigned so that the fish on the reverse fits exactly within the outline of the fish on the front. In addition, a compass rose in silver metallic ink was embedded on the back and second and third intaglio colours were incorporated into the main colour scheme.

A barcode unique to each member country was added at the bottom left hand side of the front of the notes. This machine readable element facilitated easy identification of the origin of the notes.