Proceedings of the Panel Sessions 


Presentations and Biographies of Presenters


Panel Discussion - Digital Skills and Jobs

Technology Developments and Projects in the OECS/ECCU that can Advance the Digital Transformation
Rhea Yaw Ching

Creolisation of Science, Computing and Artificial Intelligence in the Eastern Caribbean
Dr Curtis Charles

Key Digital Skills and Jobs Required for  OECS/ECCU Economic Transformation
Larry Quinlan

Economic Sectors Most Poised to Benefit for Digital Skills Acquisition and Transformation
Esperanza Lasagabaster


Digital Economy and OECS/ECCU Economic Development: The Technology - Economy Connection
Background Paper - Digital Transformation in the Eastern Caribbean
Dr Justin Ram

4th Industrial Revolution Jobs and Skills that will Drive Sustainable Development
Michelle Marius

DCash and the Transformation of the ECCU Economy
Sharmyn Powell

Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Dr Nicholas Brathwaite

Do's and Don’ts for Accelerating Digital Transformation of the Financial Sector
Nuria Alino Perez


Panel Discussion - Food and Nutrition Security

Strengthening Food Systems in the OECS to Achieve Food and Nutrition Security
Background Paper - Strengthening Food Systems in the OECS to Achieve Food and Nutrition Security
Dr Leroy E. Phillip

The Future of Food Systems and Value Chain in the Caribbean
Aira Htenas and Maria Florencia Millan Placci

Breaking the Grass Ceiling: Local Interventions to Promote the Economic Empowerment of Rural Women
Keithlin Caroo


Food Security Measurements and Indicators
Professor Rohanie Maharaj 

Food and Nutrition Security - Challenges and Priorities
Madhur Gautam

Using Technology to Address the Supply Chain Challenges – Responsive and Resilient Supply Chains
David Vivas Eugui

Technology and Food Security - New Opportunities...New Jobs

Dr Arthur Martin

The 2020 BioTrade Principles and the New Self-Assessment Tool
Lika Sasaki  

The Blue BioTrade Project in the OECS. Seising Trade and Biodiversity Opportunities
Lench Fevrier

Queen Conch as a CITES Listed Species  
Karen Gaynor

Possibilities in the BioTech Industries
Dr Arthur Martin