Pandemic and Food Security

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Please join the ECCB Governor as he moderates a live and interactive ECCB Digital Dialogue on the critical issue of food security. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown into stark relief access to safe and nutritious food. Lockdowns disrupted supply chains, triggering panic buying and hoarding out of fear of running out of basic food supplies. This situation occurred throughout the Currency Union while, paradoxically, in some cases, agricultural produce rotted away due, in part, to the total shutdown of the vital tourism sector.

Our distinguished panel will explore the criticality of food security in building resilience and the socio-economic transformation of our region. The panelists will discuss opportunities to revitalise agriculture and make it sustainable. They will consider the possibilities that digital technologies offer for enhancing agricultural production and the efficiency of markets. The ultimate goal is the health and wealth of our people and region.

Be part of the conversation as we take collective action to transform our region, now.

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