General Entry Information


All commercial banks operating in the ECCU region and  licensed by the ECCB under the Banking Act are eligible to submit entries for the ECCU Bank of the Year Awards regardless of size, location or ownership. Banks are free to submit entries for as many categories as desired.

Entry Information:

  • Entry to the ECCU Bank of the Year Awards is free via the an online entry portal.  
  • Each submission must be submitted using an online entry form. Banks entering more than one award category will need to complete one online form for each award.
  • All details submitted, including those of references, will be held in strictest confidence.
  • Submissions in a category should describe the activity or initiative undertaken by the bank and should outline how they have impacted customers/members of the community, improved the institution’s effectiveness     and       further    its    goals    and    objectives.
  • The ECCB is likely to ask for client and/or other references during the shortlisting phase. These references will assist the judges in assessing the submissions.
  • Information should be presented in a clear, concise and logical format.
  • Submission(s) may be amended at any point and resubmitted up until 27 August 2021. However, note that only the last version of entry will be assessed.

Entry Requirements:

  1. A 750 word statement explaining why your bank should win the Award in the respective category. Justification material can be uploaded along with entry.
  2. Details of key contact person(s) within the organisation who should be contacted with reference to the bank’s submission(s).

Entry Deadline:

Entries for the 2021 ECCU Bank of the Year Awards should include activities undertaken by the commercial bank over the period September 2020 to August 2021. Multi-year efforts may also be considered. Submissions are to be uploaded no later than 27 August 2021 via the electronic portal.