5th Growth and Resilience Dialogue


Click here to view the promotional video and videos which were featured at the event.  

The 5th Growth and Resilience Dialogue will be held under the theme: Building Resilience in the Post-Pandemic Era. It will focus on Digital Skills and Jobs and Food & Nutrition Security. It brings together leading experts in the fields of Digital Technology and Food and Nutrition Security to engage attendees on solutions to address national and regional economic challenges and opportunities. Participants will be immersed in discussions on the innovative technology and the digital skills and jobs that can empower the region to be more competitive and resilient. They will also be invited to help advance the region’s food and nutrition security. 

The desired accomplishments from the Dialogue include but are not limited to:

  1. Convening a high-level meeting of the key strategic partners and influencers that will result in actionable projects that will advance the region’s transformation agenda.
  2. Establishing a pilot programme for an OECS/ECCU Knowledge and Innovation Hub.
  3. Establishing research collaboration on two key issues related to Digital Skills and Jobs and Food and Nutrition Security.
  4. Establishing a base for academia, private sector and diaspora networking and collaboration on issues related to digital skills development that can redound to the benefit of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship expansion in the OECS/ECCU.
  5. Partnership with the OECS to have a detailed OECS/ECCU Diaspora Network Database and OECS/ECCU Youth Entrepreneurship Database which can be leveraged to advance the region’s developmental agenda.
  6. Greater participation of a wider cross-section of participants by hosting the 5th GRD virtually.




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