2018 Financial Stability Report

The Financial Stability Report contributes to the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank’s financial stability objective by identifying, monitoring and communicating on systemic risks.  The view is to enhance the resilience of the ECCU financial system by taking action to reduce or remove any threat to financial system stability.  This is a key strategic priority of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank and supports the bank’s objectives as it relates to growth, sustainability and employment.


This edition is the third instalment of the Report and represents even more so, the efforts of the ECCU’s regulatory authorities to mitigate and report on systemic risk in the region. The Report continues to provide readers with an assessment of the main developments and vulnerabilities in the ECCU’s financial system.  The report is divided into five chapters:

  1. The Macro-Financial Environment and Key Risks Influencing the ECCU Region. 
  2. Financial Performance and Soundness of Deposit-Taking Institutions: Banking and Credit Union Sectors. 
  3. Financial Performance and Soundness of Non-Deposit-Taking Institutions: Insurance Companies. 
  4. Policy Initiatives for Enhancing Financial Stability in the ECCU. 
  5. Outlook

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