Update on Resolution of Intervened Banks in Anguilla
The ECCB expresses thanks to the people of Anguilla for their patience and cooperation as the Bank continues to work, with various partners, in taking the steps necessary to ensure that their deposits at the National Bank of Anguilla Ltd (NBA) and the Caribbean Commercial Bank (Anguilla) Ltd (CCB) are protected. The ECCB recognises that the resolution of the NBA and the CCB has taken longer than expected but wishes to assure the people of Anguilla that the Central Bank continues to exert every effort to conclude this matter successfully. The commencement of the new Banking Act in Anguilla is critical to the resolution of the challenges being faced by the NBA and the CCB. The ECCB therefore welcomes the passage of the new Banking Act by the Government of Anguilla and recognises the continuing efforts of the Government of Anguilla to secure the Governor
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