Social Partners in Grenada Discuss ECCU Growth Action Plan

Representatives of the private and public sectors, civil society organisations, and youth organisations in Grenada have recommended that transforming the education system to provide young people with skills that meet development and market needs, is one of the key actions which must be taken to advance and maintain growth and development of Grenada and the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union as a whole.

The group of social partners further recommends that steps must be taken now to enhance institutions which are essential to the economy and quality of life; improve the systems that support information technology; build a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation at an early age; and provide access to finance and training in business management for small business owners.

The recommendations emanated from the National Consultation on the ECCU Growth Action Plan which was held at the Grenada Industrial Development Corporation headquarters on 7 September. The National Consultations on the ECCU Growth Action Plan are a follow-up to the inaugural ECCU Growth Dialogue with Social Partners which was held in March 2017 under the theme, “Working Together to Achieve Higher and More Inclusive Growth in the ECCU.” The consultations are being held in all the ECCU countries. The ECCB and the OECS Commission are collaborating with the focal point person in each country to host the consultations.

Adviser in the Strategic Planning and Projects Department of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB), Daniel Arthurton said the National Consultations on the ECCU Growth Action Plan are being guided by the seven-pillar Inclusive Growth and Development Framework and seek to national consensus on the prioritised thematic areas and processes for implementation of the ECCU Growth Action Plan.

Director of the Department of Economic and Technical Cooperation in the Ministry of Finance, Grenada, Fitzroy James, says the ECCU Growth Action Plan is aligned with and supports the four thematic areas of Grenada’s Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy namely: Building Resilience; Developing Competitiveness; Reducing Vulnerability and Governance. 

The first National Consultation on the ECCU Growth Action Plan was held in Saint Lucia. The next session is scheduled to be held in St Vincent and the Grenadines on 12 September.

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