ECCB’s 40th Anniversary Lecture Series continues in Saint Lucia

Next up in the ECCB’s 40th Anniversary Lecture Series is the Saint Lucia Edition on Thursday, 20 April, starting 7:00p.m. at the Finance Administrative Centre (5th Floor) in Pointe Seraphine.  


Due to limited space at the venue, members of the public are encouraged to join virtually via the ECCB Connects Facebook Page or YouTube Channel.


The lecture titled Powering a Modern Saint Lucia - Green and Purple Economy will feature the following speakers: Keithlin Caroo, MBE, Executive Director of Helen’s Daughters, a non-profit organisation that focuses on rural women’s economic empowerment through advocacy, capacity development and improved market access; Dr. James Fletcher, Founder and Managing Director of Soloricon Ltd., a consulting firm that helps developing countries use their indigenous resources effectively and leverage support from development partners to achieve sustainable levels of development; Dr. Kim Gardner, Pediatrician and Director of the Child Development and Guidance Centre (St. Lucia), a non-profit medical facility specialising in the assessment of and early intervention for children with developmental disabilities, and Dr. Stephen King, Pathologist and Co-Founder of Rise (St. Lucia) Inc., a non-profit dedicated to the healthy development of people, especially youth.  Moderating the night’s lecture will be Lissa Joseph, Senior Producer at DBS Television.


The distinguished panel will explore the symbiotic elements of the green economy and the purple economy; the former (the green economy) concentrates on improving human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing ecological shortages, as well as environmental threats such as pollution, and the latter (purple) economy focuses on improving everyone’s quality of life, with keen attention paid to expanding social services, particularly during times of crisis (e.g. the COVID-19 pandemic), and championing the interests of vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly and people with disabilities.


The lecture is for everyone – from social and environmental activists, sociologists and social workers alike, to farmers, scientists and conservationists, and anyone who wants to help build a modern and resilient society. 


The Saint Lucia Edition follows the successful staging on 23 March and 28 February of the Antigua and Barbuda Edition (Silver Economy) and the Anguilla Edition (Blue and Green Economy), respectively. 


The ECCB’s 40th Anniversary Lecture Series is being held under the theme The Colourful Economy and will culminate with the ECCB@40 Global Conference taking place at the ECCB Headquarters from 8-10 November


For a full listing of the lecture series events, please click here to view the ECCB@40 Calendar outlining the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank’s 40th Anniversary Celebrations.