ECCB Works to Reduce Its Carbon Footprint

In keeping with its strategic vision, the ECCB is demonstrating its commitment to promoting the sustainable use of natural resources and reducing its carbon footprint through its Greening of the Campus intiative.

The initiative includes a Solar Canopy Project which is geared toward achieving the ECCB's goal of carbon neutrality by 2022. The solar canopies provide a renewable energy source for electricity generation. This will translate into significant cost savings for the Bank thereby positively contributing to the Bank’s organisational effectiveness mandateThe canopy structures encompass the two main external parking areas of the Bank, which are located on either side of the main entranceway. They are designed to accommodate vehicular parking beneath each one and will provide shade and light to the area. 

Phase I of the project was completed in December 2019, and Phase II of the project is ongoing and is expected to be completed by June 2020.

March 11 2020 marks exactly three months since Phase I of the project was fully implemented. We invite you to view our dashboard to get realtime data on how much energy is being generated. 

Click here to learn more about the ECCB Solar Canopy project. 

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