ECCB Leads in Vault Management Technology for Central Banks
The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) has shared its experience with using the Central Bank version of the Enterprise Cash Management Inventory Supplies Accounting (ECM-ISA) system with the Bank of Ghana. The ECM-ISA system is a modern vault management technology which was developed by De La Rue, the company which prints the EC dollar notes. It is designed to increase control, reinforce security, and enhance efficiency in vault management. The ECCB completed the installation of the system at its headquarters and seven agency offices in 2013, making it the first Central Bank to implement the system. Head of Project Management and Implementation for the ECM-ISA at De La Rue, Tuan Doan, said that the ECCB was identified as the ideal institution to assist the Bank of Ghana, which is making preparations to implement the system. The Governor of the ECCB, Timothy N.J. Antoine said that the Bank readily agreed to assist the Bank of Ghana with this initiative in keeping with the ECCB
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