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selvin Aymer
6/7/21, 11:16 AM

A model farm in each territory should be adopted by some leading stakeholder(s) who oversee the production of food, its marketing and distribution (particularly intra-regionally). The intra-regional distribution/trade is very critical because it serves as proof that once masterfully planned and executed, growing and transporting food within the OECS is a profitable venture. Later, the private sector inclusive of the farming community, will take over this enterprise with the provision of institutional oversight. We can conceive an OECS Central Agrarian Institute.
I am of the view that leading institutions must do more on-the-ground operations as proof of the viability of their proposals and that agriculture is indeed a profitable business. Someone has to actually bell the cat.

Dear Mr Aymer

Thank you for visiting the ECCB Blog page and for your insightful comment on boosting the capacity for food production and distribution in the region. Certainly, there is a need to consider viable strategies for the region that would support building resilience in food production and facilitate intra-regional trade. The concept of model farms is not new. It has been tried in some countries such as Grenada during the Grenada Revolution. It would be important to distill the lessons that resulted in disappointing results and the end of the experiment. Perhaps, a more private sector led approach may be preferred going forward.

In short, what can governments and regional and international organs do to better support the private sector in the area of farming and agribusiness?

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