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Public Information Notice

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank wishes to respond to concerns about the authenticity of EC banknotes with different barcodes.

The public is advised that these barcodes are used to mechanically sort the notes of member territories, and are different for each territory. By sorting the notes, the ECCB has an idea of the amount in circulation in each member country. This information is an important source of economic data. Notes from the different territories can also be identified by the letter at the end of the serial number printed horizontally on the right hand side and vertically on the left hand side. In the case of Grenada this letter is G, Anguilla U, Dominica D, and so on.

The ECCB urges continued vigilance when accepting notes, which have the following security features:

On the front right hand side of a genuine note a security thread is incorporated into the paper. The thread can be clearly seen through the paper.

Genuine bank notes are printed on special paper that gives them a unique feel.

Each genuine note bears a different serial number, printed vertically on the left hand side and horizontally on the right hand side of the notes. No two notes ever have the same serial number.

On the front left hand side of any genuine note, a watermark of Queen Elizabeth can only be seen when the note is held up to the light.

It is an offence to knowingly circulate fraudulent notes. Persons who think they may have come into possession of counterfeits should take them to the nearest police station.

For more information concerning this release, please contact the following:
Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

P O Box 89, Basseterre, St. Kitts

Contact Person: Elizabeth Tempro, Director, Communication Services Unit

Phone: (869) 465-2537

Fax: (869) 466-2873

Email: eccbinfo@caribsurf.com


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