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Join Our Team
Thank you for your interest in career opportunities at the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB).  The ECCB provides unique and rewarding employment opportunities to engage in the development of the ECCU region.    

We have highlighted pertinent employment information for prospective employees.  We appreciate your review and encourage your feedback as you learn about our recruitment, benefits, allowances and performance strategies and internship opportunities.  

Recruitment Settlement
Staff of the Bank is recruited from the ECCB’s eight member territories.  Staff recruited from outside of St Kitts and Nevis is provided with the following:

Air Passage
An economy class air passage from his/her member territory by the most direct route.  Approved dependents are provided with an economy class air passage provided they take up residence within one year of the new staff member’s assumption of duties.

Shipping of Personal Effects
The cost of crating, packing and transporting of personal effects (up to 450 cu ft for a single staff member, and 900 cu ft for staff member with dependents) shipped within one year of relocation. 

Vehicle Shipment
The cost excluding customs duties, of transporting a vehicle that the staff member already owned and had in possession prior to the date the offer of appointment was issued.  The vehicle must be shipped within one year of relocation.

Refund of Incidentals
Refund of the cost of approved incidentals incurred through the relocation process. 

Hotel Accommodation
Hotel accommodation for new staff members and their eligible dependents for a maximum of twenty-one (21) days.

Settlement Grant
Two (2) months basic salary as settlement grant where the staff member is recruited to work in a territory other than their usual place of residence;
One half (½) of one (1) month’s salary of the staff member in respect of his/her spousey; and
one tenth (1/10) of one month’s salary of the staff member in respect of eligible dependent children

Apart from the statutory entitlement of annual vacation leave, the Bank provides leave supplementary to the annual leave.  This leave falls under different categories depending on the purpose for which the leave is required.

recruit Annual Vacation Leave
The annual leave allotment is 32 working days for staff in grade 9 and above, and 24 working days for staff in grade 8 and below.

recruit Service Grant
Staff members who have served on the Bank’s permanent establishment for the first five (5) years can enjoy an extra month’s basic salary.  This benefit is paid every three (3) years thereafter.

recruit Compassionate Leave
To support staff in cases of death or illness of an immediate family member, staff members are allowed up to five (5) working days paid leave in each calendar year as Compassionate leave.

recruit Examination Leave
Staff members are allowed an aggregate of five (5) working days paid leave in each calendar year if they are writing examinations.

recruit Maternity Leave
Female staff members who have completed one (1) year’s service are eligible for three (3) months maternity leave, of which two and one-half (2 ½) months shall be on full pay. 

recruit Personal Leave
Staff members are allowed personal leave of an aggregate of four (4) days in any calendar year provided that they take no more than one (1) working day per quarter.

recruit Sick Leave
Staff members are allowed Sick Leave on full pay up to a period of three (3) months.

recruit Leave of Absence Without Pay
Where no other category of leave is applicable or available, staff members may be allowed leave of absence without pay for a period up to three (3) months.

Subsidised Meals
The ECCB’s headquarters has a staff cafeteria that provides lunches, five (5) days per week from 12 noon to 2 p.m.  Currently the Bank pays 65 per cent of the cost of the meals for all staff. 

After-School Programme
The ECCB After-School Programme provides on-site after-school care for children of staff members from the age of five (5) to fourteen (14) years old at a subsidized rate.  The programme which operates from  2:00 – 6:00 pm during the regular school term; and 8:00 am – 5:00 pm during Easter, summer and Christmas school breaks provides a professional service to give each child a safe, secure environment and an enjoyable care experience.   

During the programme, the children engage in diverse educational and fun activities including homework; field trips to historical, cultural, scenic and other sites; and art and craft.   

Staff Facilities
The Bank provides staff facilities comprising a gym and an area for aerobics, as well as space for indoor games such as pool, table tennis, dominoes, scrabble, and a lounge area.  There is also space allocated for outdoor games such as netball, and football.

Loans and Advances
The Bank offers subsidized Medical and Mortgage loans at a rate of 4% per annum to eligible staff.  At present, the administration of mortgage loans is outsourced to approved commercial banks within the ECCU.

Insurance and Pension
Group Health and Life Insurance
Each employee is covered by a comprehensive Group Life and Health Insurance Scheme that assists in the payment of medical costs.  Staff members pay approximately 25% of the premium and the Bank approximately 75%.  The plan covers medical, dental and vision coverage for staff and their approved dependents.

The Bank provides a defined pension benefit scheme for eligible staff members.  Under the scheme, staff members contribute 3 % and the Bank a minimum of 12 % of basic monthly salary. 

Staff falling in Grade seven (7) and above are provided with a monthly housing allowance to defray the cost of housing.

Staff members in Grades 1-6 who at the time of recruitment were not residing in the territory in which he/she has been posted by the Bank receive a monthly allowance to supplement the cost of livng.

Staff members in Grades 11 and above receive an entertainment allowance at rates approved by the Board of Directors.

Local Travel
Staff members in Grades 11 and above receive a travel allowance at rates approved by the Board of Directors.

Warm Clothing
Staff members who travel overseas to represent the Bank in cold climate countries receive a warm clothing allowance.

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