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Central Bank of Barbados
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"Fiscal Sustainability and Debt
In Small Open Economies".

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Who We Are, What We Do
The role and functions of the ECCB
The ECCB Corporate Governance Charter

Historical Perspective
Chronological Highlights of the Organisation

Former Governor and Deputy Governor
  Sir Cecil Jacobs, Former Governor, 1973 - 1989
  Mr Errol Allen, Deputy Governor, 1974 - 2005

The Honourable
Sir K Dwight Venner

Governor of the ECCB
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Latest ECCB Publication
Mr Trevor Brathwaite
Deputy Governor of the ECCB
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Mrs Jennifer Nero
Managing Director of the ECCB
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Governance Structure

Organisational Structure
Monetary Council Management Team
Directors Board of Directors Departmental Structure and Chart
 Corporate Governance Principles for the OECS

Legal and Regulatory Framework
Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States Treaty

The ECCB Agreement Act 1983
The New Banking Act
Monetary Policy FAQ's

Monetary Policy Framework
Transparency Practices For Monetary Policy at the ECCB
Frequently Asked Questions about the ECCB

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